Great Wall

Great Wall

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Home 3 Months

I know we haven't updated the blog for awhile and we've gotten a few requests for a post.  Home for 3 months!  We can't believe it.  In some ways it feels like we just brought Mila home and in other ways it seems she has already been with us for a year (in a good way).  She is an amazing little person and is doing remarkably well considering everything that she has been through.  We feel like we have a well established routine with her now.  With Mama going back to work last month at nights, there was some worry about how we would all adjust to that but it is working out pretty well.  The only minus is that we are basically like single parents during the week with Baba going to work during the day, the handoff at 4:30 when he gets home, and then Mama working 5:00-9:00.  Its good in a lot of ways because it gives Mama a break from home life and she can get out and see her friends.  It also helps us out money wise.  So we try to see as much of each other during the weekends.  Its funny how each night we compare notes to see how our days with Mila have gone.  Mostly we ask the Big 3 questions: did she eat, did she poop, how did she behave.  Most days those answers are all good.  But we have the typical things that "all toddlers go through".

Mila is eating a little better but you never really know from meal to meal how she will do.  We have learned we can't make her eat something and everything has to be on her terms.  We try to do the best we can and then supplement with formula and vitamins.  Her favorite foods are yogurt, noodles from Sarku in the mall, and tortillas.  She will happily eat all of those.  Everything else is kind of iffy if she likes it.

We try to keep her active as much as possible.  We do lots of play dates at the playground and take her to church often and the nursery when Mama goes to the gym where she interacts with kids her age.  From time to time we have to remind her about not hitting and that she needs to share her toys, but for the most part she does pretty well.  Her favorite toys are her iPad and her Superman doll.  She also serves us tea from time to time and likes this yellow car we gave her.

Several major things we have done are going to Kentucky to visit family (which Mila loved!).  She is a good traveler and handle the 10 hours in the car both ways pretty well.  Her eating picked up in Kentucky.  She got to see a lot of family and they were just over joyed to meet her.  Of course she worked her charms and won everyone over instantly.  We also went to the Strawberry Festival at Fifer Orchards.  There she was able to ride a horse, pet some bunnies, and ride in a long train of wheeled barrels pulled by a tractor.  She also absolutely LOVED Easter and being able to hunt for Easter eggs in the yard.  Plus the Easter Bunny made a visit to the house and left her an Easter basket filled with toys.

Mila is a constant source of amazement.  She seems to be saying new things everyday.  She is starting to put together phrases and sentences.  She can now point out 5 colors.  At first she could only get "YELLOW" right and everything to her was yellow.  But she has recently learned pink. red, green, and blue.  Mama reported that when taking Mila clothes shopping, Mila would pull out a dress she liked and exclaim, "Oh so pretty!".  She also likes to don her Princess attire and run around singing "Let It Go!" from Frozen.  We have made arrangements for Mila to enter preschool in the fall.  We feel that this will really help her to grow even more.

We are continually grateful that we have been blessed with this little girl.  Oh there are definitely days when we question if we are doing things right like after she's stuck her hand in the fish tank for the tenth time but we feel that we have gotten a really special girl here.