Great Wall

Great Wall

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Here is some info we got on LiDi

We wanted to post some of the info we got about LiDi.

Wu Lidi, female, was born on September 18th 2011, and was found in the Zhongshan Park, Jianghan Area, Wuhan City, on August 5th 2012. This baby was referred to our Welfare Institute by the local police officers.
Her name, Wu Lidi was given in this rule: Wu was from “Wu Han”, the name of the city; the “Li” was given for all the children who went into the welfare institute in that month; “di” was given because she was found in the Zhongshan Park.
When she was first discovered, there was a paper note with her. The results of health check on admission were as follows: height: 73cm, weight: 10.2kg, head circumference: 45cm, chest circumference: 45.5cm, body temperature 36.8 Celsius degrees, and teeth: 2.
In order for her better cares, we sent her into the fostering family with multiple experiences on August 8th 2012. Initially, she only drunk milk and her fostering mother cooked a lot of delicious food for her. Gradually, she began to eat other food besides milk. When she was one year old, the families drove the car and took her to the children’s fun park; she was so excited and kissed each of the family members. When she was one year and one month old, she could crawl and stand up steadily. She could also walk several steps on the bed. When she was one year and 4 months old, she could say “grandpa” and “grandma”. When she was 1 year and 5 months old, she liked playing in the community yard. In the spring festival, she had the celebrating dinner with her families. When other people asked her how old she was, she reached out two fingers to express she was 2 years old.
Now, she could say 3-5 words, and express something like “mommy, please hold me” and “I’m full”. She could speak clearly. She was hurry to run out for fun, but her fostering mother said to her “if you don’t eat all of the food, I will eat the left”, then she would be back and eat all of the left food in the bowl. When she was taking shower, she liked playing with the water. She would play with her sister before going to bed. In the daytime, her fostering mother took care of her and her brother. Her brother was poor at walking; therefore, she often shared her toys with her disabled brother. There are several children’s bikes at home, and she could ride each of them. She likes exploring something new.
Her daily food includes milk, rice powder, porridge, noodle, rice, steamed dumpling, soup and watermelon. She has 3 dinners and 4 adjuvant food every day. Her favorite foods are cake and porridge. She has good appetite. She does not like food with vinegar.
She is living a regular life. 5:30 wake up and then fall asleep after drinking some milk. 8:00, getting up. 8:30, breakfast, like porridge, dumpling, noodle and egg cake; 10:30 fruits; 12:50, lunch, soup, rice, egg; 13:30 to 15:30, napping; 15:50, snacks, like cakes, fruits; 18:30, dinner. 21:00 cake; 21:30 go to bed. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Got a Match!

On Friday July 26 at night around 8:00 pm, Bobby got a phone call from Holt.  Since we are on the waiting list, we get immediate butterflies whenever we see that Holt is calling because it could be something.  Well, our case worker Marissa started explaining that they were getting ready to have a little girl released to them that they thought would be a perfect match for us!  Her name is Wu Lidi and she was born Sept 18, 2011 so in a little over a month, she will turn two.  Just as she was telling Bobby this wonderful news, Larkin walked into the room from a shower and Bobby mouther to her, "WE HAVE A MATCH!"  She was immediately at attention.  Once Bobby switched to speaker phone, Marissa went on to explain to us all the details they had on her...she was abandoned at 1 in a park, they gave her the last name "Wu" after Wuhan City where they found her, her first name "Li" they gave to all the children who were found that month, and "Di" which in Chinese means earth or park because they found her in a park, she is currently living with a foster family.  Needless to say, we are THRILLED!  She said that emails would soon follow with the written details, what we needed to do if we decided to accept the match, and PICTURES!!!  

Here is an excerpt from the first email:

   "Dear Bobby and Larkin

   Congratulations on your referral!

   Here is the child material for Wu Li Di! The photos of this lovely child are included in the PDF and attached. "